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Will Ukraine ever have enough Fire Power? -Douglas Macgregor

Source: Judge Napolitano and Douglas Macgregor

Macgregor: ‘This was always an economy of force measure it was designed to grind up as many Ukrainians as possible at the lowest possible cost to the Russians. That’s what’s been going on in Southern Ukraine -it continues, it’s worked brilliantly and Surovikin, the Theater Commander -has said that it continues until he’s ready to launch his offensives. When the offensives are launched, it will be a very different battle, -but the interesting part is -that the Ukrainians have taken so many casualties in the South.

We’re beginning to hear reports that they’re on the verge of collapse, and that’s why we’re hearing about teenage boys aged 13, 14, 15 -Preston’s service, the disabled and we’re getting videos that are coming in now from Ukrainian soldiers, -they disappear almost as quickly as they appear.

Naturally where some of the Ukrainian soldiers are saying… Well the people in Kyiv better be hopeful that the Russians get to them before we do, because the Russians will probably put them in jail, if we get to them -We’ll kill them. These are Ukrainian soldiers talking about the people back home, yes people in the government.’