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War is over if you want it -MOATS interview with Ex-CIA man Larry Johnson

MOATS INTERVIEW: #Ukraine’s #Nazi troops, the #Kraken regiment, lined up civilians and shot them Kharkiv just like their predecessors did in WW11 at #BabiYar outside of #Kiev, says former #CIA agent #LarryJohnson

MOATS: ‘The SS who stood smoking while the followers of Bandera carried out many of the murders. Perhaps a million Jews were moderate and they were murdered mainly by Ukrainians – the same Bandera, whose Banner is held Aloft -by a substantial section of the nationalist forces in Ukraine – Yet none of that seems yet to have permeated into Western consciousness, Why?

LARY JOHNSON: It is a reminder of the power of propaganda in the west and their refusal to accept facts. They’ve have conveniently tried to erase every reference to the Azov Battalion and to the its connections with Nazi, not only Nazi imagery but the slogans and the rhetoric -what they profess to, believe in.

You know -I was somewhat ignorant of this myself up until about four or five years ago, when I watched a documentary – it was made by an english barrister – What our fathers knew – where he took the son of Hans Schack, who was the Governor General of Poland back in the 1940s. Hans Schack set up the death camps in Poland and then a guy named Von Walther.

Von Walther’s father was the Galaita of Ukraine and so these were now old men, they were well into their 70s -when this was made and they went back to Ukraine and in this documentary there were modern day Ukrainians marching around in Nazi uniforms – celebrating the SS division, the Waffen SFS division – that had been formed by Ukrainians at the suggestion of Von Walther and there was a very old man in that group. When he learned that this was Von Walther’s son – comes up to him and embraces him and says; ‘oh boy we could sure use your dad back here again’ so this notion that the Nazi elements were somehow relegated to the past, is just – it’s just a lie

it’s very present it’s very real and it should be opposed with all of our effort and yet Britain and the United States -who both had you know, tens of thousands of soldiers, you know -killed in World War II at the hands of Nazis – are now basically embraing the Nazis, not 10 miles from here where I’m…’