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Prolog Research Corporation

‘Prolog Research and Publishing Association Inc.’ or the ‘Prolog Research Corporation’ -was established in 1953 -as a CIA funded publishing platform in New York City for the ZP/UHVR.

Prolog’s main objective was anti-Russian propaganda and (CIA) contact operations, aimed to exploit and increase nationalist and other dissident tendencies -as to monitor and report on political, economic, and cultural developments in the Soviet Ukraine.

The Prolog association was constituted by members of the ‘Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council’, Mykola Lebed, Myroslav Prokop, Yurii Lopatynsky and others.  Prolog’s association directors have through time been Mykola Lebed (1952–73), Myroslav Prokop (1973–79), Roman Kupchynsky (1979–91), and P’etro’ Sodol (1991–?).

Prolog Research Corporation -published a quarterly magazine in English ‘Prologue’ (1957–61), under the editorship of Lev Shankovsky. ‘Digest of the Soviet Ukrainian Press’ (1957–77) -a monthly press digest of the Prolog Research Corporation in New York, established in 1956. The press digest contained articles and excerpts from the Soviet Ukrainian press translated into English. Until the Digest ceased publication in 1976, the editor was Myroslav Prokop.

Prolog has assisted the ‘Suchasnist Ukrainian Society for International Studies’ in producing the periodical ‘Suchasnist’ and has published more than 200 Ukrainian books and 5 Russian, on Ukraine’s political and literary history, contemporary writing -and the dissident movement of ZP/UHVR.

Prolog Research and Publishing Association Inc.


The ‘Prolog Research and Publishing Inc.’ was in 1953 established in New York City, for ZP/UHVR’s Anti-Russian research and publishing. Prolog Inc. was restructured in 1968 and changed name to ‘Prolog Research Corporation’.

“In accordance with instructions to discontinue publishing activities in the United States in the wake of MHDOWEL, the Prolog Research and Publishing Association, Inc., the organization the ZP/UHVR used to conduct its publishing and contact activities was dissolved on 5 June 1968. The mechanism was reconstituted as the Prolog Research Corporation, a profit- making, commercial enterprise, ostensibly servicing contracts for unspecified users such as private individuals and institutions. All of the project’s publications now originate abroad, via the Munich office, the Ukrainische Gesellschaft fur Auslandsstudien E.V., except the Ukrainian-language Information Bulletin, which is directed exclusively to Soviet Ukrainians and mailed to them from various countries in the West. There has been no change in the personnel or the physical location of the property. The name “Prolog” was retained because of the good will it had established and because the name had become a Western sounding board for Soviet Ukrainian dissidents.”

Ukrainian Society for Foreign Studies


Prolog Research and Publishing -was affiliated in Munich with the ‘Ukrainian Society for Foreign Studies’ which published periodicals, selected books and pamphlets -with the intent to exploit and increase nationalist and other dissident tendencies in the Soviet Ukraine.

Munich Office

“As for the Munich office of Prolog, the CIA document states that funding for it comes from an account separate from that of Prolog in New York from a cooperating bank, which also remains classified. In 1967, the CIA merged the activities of Prolog Munich and the Munich office of the Ukrainian exiled nationalist «Suchasnist» journal. The Munich office also supported the «Ukrainische Gesellschaft fur Auslandstudien”.