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Ukrainian front in South Ukraine severely weakened and simply crumbling ‘Col Doug Macgregor’

Source: Judge Napolitano talks with Douglas Macgregor

They’re going to press into service anybody they can find who looks capable of carrying a weapon. -Lambs let for the slaughter

‘The entire Ukrainian front facing the Russians in southern Ukraine, is now severely weakened and in many parts simply crumbling.’ On average the brigades that have been fighting the Russians in and around Bakhmuts and surrounding towns, right now -their casualties have reduced them to about 30 percent of their normal strength. ‘Ukrainian 4.000 man Brigade’ – So if you’re talking about 4.000 men, that means that you’ve lost 2.800. We’re talking in the space of the last few months 15, 20 brigades have rotated in and out. They’ve now had to disband some of these brigades and consolidate them with others.