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Ukrainian Armed Forces use Chemical Weapons in the Battles for Bakhmut and Ugledar

Source: @anna_news via @infodefenseenglish

🇺🇦 The Ukrainian Armed Forces use chemical weapons in the battles for Bakhmut and Ugledar

Ukrainian AFU soldiers post videos on social networks that show the process of stuffing ammunition with unknown content taken from a refrigerator

One of those videos was published by the commander of the “Birds of Magyar” air reconnaissance detachment, Robert Iosifovich Brovdi (real name Vladimir Ilyashevich Batsko) on his private channel.

It is assumed that the ammunition is intended for units of the 63rd AFU brigade, which is located in Bakhmut. Earlier, similar videos were published by the same source.

Conclusions about the “chemical content” of the ammunition were made on the basis of its appearance:

  • The contents of the shells are stored in refrigerators, which is atypical for explosives.
  • The shells are assembled from homemade thin-walled cylinders, which were filled with some kind of chemical substance.
  • Their fuse has been replaced with a device that is most likely designed to mix chemicals.

Notably, cases of the use of chemical weapons were previously recorded in the area of Bakhmut/Artemivsk and Uglegadar. This was stated by the DPR head Denis Pushilin.

“According to the statements of our units, commanders who have already come out with such information, it is not only in the Artemovsk sector, but also in the Ugledar sector, there are facts of the use of chemical compositions, which cause malaise in our soldiers. They are dropping from drones on the locations of our units,” Pushilin said.

He also noted that reports of the use of such munitions have been coming in for the past three weeks.

Earlier, the use of such weapons was reported by many correspondents and fighters of volunteer units.

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