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Is Ukrainian Drones being adapted to Spray Chemical Warfare Substances?

The document dated December, 15, 2021 presents a response to request from Ukrainian Motor Sich company to the Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar Makina.

Source: Russian MOD

Turkish drone manufacturer answers a number of questions of the Ukrainian side regarding the characteristics of its products.

Questions 9 and 10 draw attention. Data on the maximum payload and aerosol spraying system/mechanism, with a capacity of over 20 litres, are required.

Given the fact that the Russian Defence Ministry has already known about the implementation of US military biological programs in Ukraine under the guidance of DTRA, we can assume that the Bayraktars were planned to be adapted to spray chemical warfare substances over enemy territory, more precisely in his deep rear area, because the range of this UAV (Bayraktar Akinci) is almost 300 kilometres (twice as much as that of the standard TB2).

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