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It’s MUCH worse in Ukraine, than they’re telling you ‘Douglas MacGregor’

Source: Redacted talks with Douglas MacGregor

Douglas MacGregor: ‘What’s coming next are these Russia offences and I think with the recent changes in the Russian command structure moving Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian general staff -in to be the overall commander in Ukraine, to ensure that Surovikin, -who is still running the The Daily Show -has everything that he wants and everything he needs. Suggests to me that, when they come -they’re going to come soon, within the next three or four weeks. Because the ground is now largely frozen.

It’s going to be a crushing blow and the Ukrainians themselves had admitted in this last interview – what’s coming is something, we’re going to have a lot of trouble surviving. They did everything but say -look we’re going to be crushed and then they said, you’ve got to give us all this stuff – the problem with giving everything, is too late – it’s not going to change anything.

But here’s the good news inside Washington -the wealth transfer continues. In other words -the money that is moved over to DOD and then into the defense industrial complex and then to donors and interested parties – that buy up politicians on the hill – all of that continues without interruption that’s very important for Washington.’