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Taiwanese Virologist reviews the Genome types of COVID-19

Source: Weibo

VB: Taiwanese Virologist reviewing the genome types of COVID-19. With a simplified Chinese translation of this textual video analysis found at Weibo. “USA” appears as “M”.

Review of the video analysis:

The International Epidemic Genome Database contains genomic data combining 119 new coronavirus samples from 12 countries on four continents, which can be shared publicly by scientists everywhere.

In this huge database, the source of infection and the spread of the new virus can be traced and derived. Through genomic analysis and research, a larger family has been found behind the new coronavirus. The family includes 58 haplotypes, which can be grouped into five groups. That is, this virus is not a self-replicating virus and it spreads everywhere. The virus type found in Wuhan is only a small branch of that family, and the virus tests in Wuhan are very simple and lack the upper part of the “body”.

The viruses in the Wuhan seafood market are H1 and its derived haplotypes are H2, H8 – H12! The other WH haplotype, H3, has nothing to do with the seafood market.

The “parents” H13 and H38 in the virus were not at all in Wuhan.

In other words, these viruses found in the seafood market would not have come to Wuhan without an “autobiography” about their “grandparents”

The most important point when following the analysis from these pictures and video is that you find a strange coincidence.

All five known “malignant” transmissible virus strains come from one place! Their family, including all siblings, originated in the United States.

And because scientists have discovered that the toxicity of “Five Poison Lords” is multi-lined and no genetic recombination has taken place, the traceability of the Chinese roots is very accurate and scientific, and there is no transition or division between them. Clear conclusion!

A disease expert at Georgetown University USA, Daniel Lucy also wrote in the journal Science: The first human infection occurred in November 2019 (not in line with the Wuhan era), meaning the virus originated somewhere else and then spread to the seafood market .

Another important chain of evidence is that the new virus in the United States has even propagated to the super-transmission type H56. This should be a single transmission from the “oldest parents”. It is certainly not a young virus like the one in Wuhan that can reproduce and spread. H56 has also proven to be the source of infection in France, Australia and the United States.

Therefore, the United States is the “five-medical lord” of this new virus. Or this bat is from the US!

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