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Syria and Ukraine explanation by Scott Ritter

Source: Syriana Analysis talk w/ Scott Ritter

Scott: ‘So it comes down to, I believe Israel -I believe that the Israelis -have not been happy with Syria. Syria has opposed Israel’s ongoing interventions in Lebanon, there’s the whole Golan Heights issue and so…’


0:00 : Introducing Scott Ritter
0:34 : Revolution or regime change war in Syria?
6:21 : Why the CIA tried to remove Bashar al-Assad?
10:10 : Obama sending weapons to radicals in Syria
13:33 : Has Syria won the war?
14:19 : Will Turkish forces withdraw from Syria?
20:31 : What will happen to the jihadists in Idlib?
23:48 : The Russian offensive on Ukraine
26:29 : Can Russia win the Ukraine war?
30:52 : Peace deal or escalation in Ukraine?
33:19 : The OPCW corruption in Syria