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Sweden focuses on NATO as economy, law and order declines

Source: The Duran

The Duran: ‘We have this massive problem of criminal gangs we’ve got to deal with, the law and order situation, we’ve got to deal with the immigration crisis, we’ve got to toughen up our laws. 

That may be something which certain people of liberal and left-wing views in Sweden will oppose, but we’ve got to face that down -because we’ve got to get control of the situation, that situation and on top of that -the economy much more difficult for a country like Sweden by itself to change.

Because Sweden is being pulled down by policies, we’ve discussed many times which are not unique to swedens -but Sweden has played a significant role in creating those policies, it’s supported. Furtheredly all of the anti-russian sanctions for example, they’ve got to come and tell, -you know, the the EU leadership look this as far as it can go.  Germany’s probably in recession, Sweden is now definitely in recession.  We have collapsing housing markets in Sweden, we are going to see some similar problems now in Germany. Consumer purchases in Germany collapsed in the run-up to Christmas. 

This has gone way too far, we’ve got to start pushing, pulling back on the sanctions. We’ve got to start getting some kind of economic relationship with the Russians back on track, where you’ve got to find some solution to this conflict in Ukraine. We’ve discussed this with Britain, we’ve discussed this with Germany, Sweden is the same, but perhaps given the Law and Order crisis in Sweden it’s more urgent there -than it is even in Britain and perhaps in Germany too.

Bt perhaps what’s happening in Sweden, I mentioned how the the economy in Sweden could be a signal of what’s to come in the rest of Europe.’