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Foreign Ministry statement on the shooting of Russian POWs by Ukrainian Nazis

Source: Russian Foreign Ministry

One more piece of evidence of the Kiev regime’s heinous crimes has appeared on the internet. This video depicts a Ukrainian neo-Nazi shooting his assault rifle pointblank into the head of a Russian POW lying on the ground with his hands up. He accompanies this murder by yelling the “Glory to Ukraine” Nazi greeting. Three POWs were presumably shot.

We have repeatedly drawn the international community and the relevant structures’ attention to Kiev’s war crimes and have accused the Ukrainian authorities of non-compliance with international humanitarian law.

Kiev’s Western curators are largely responsible for yet another shooting of Russian POWs. They have nurtured this Nazi regime and raised a generation of Ukrainians obsessed with the ideas of hatred and national supremacy. Covering their crimes by silence, these curators are making them possible. This Russian blood is on the hands of the countries that are supplying Ukraine with weapons and Nazi ideology.

The silence of the relevant international organisations is disgraceful. They have exchanged a professional and unbiased approach for a striving to curry favour with the United States and other Western countries.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has already announced that it is studying new videos of Kiev’s war crimes. We are sure these crimes will not go unpunished.