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Saving Assange, Saving US Face

Source: Consortium News by CN Live, Greg Barns SC & Christine Milne

Will Julian Assange be released in two months, as an Australian Broadcasting Corporation senior correspondent has predicted? CN Live! asks Greg Barns SC, an Assange campaign counsel for 11 years, and former Australian Senator Christine Milne at noon EST Monday.

As Julian Assange awaits a decision by the High Court in London whether it will accept his appeal against the home secretary’s decision to extradite him to the United States, the focus of the story has shifted here to his native Australia, where the prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has said for the first time that he has discussed with the United States bringing Assange’s ordeal to a close.

A prominent television journalist here, John Lyons, of the Australian Broadcasting Corp., shortly afterward said he understood that Assange would be back home in Australia within two months.

CN Live! traveled to Hobart, the capital of the state of Tasmania, to discuss the latest developments in the Assange case with Christine Milne, a former Senator in the federal parliament and head of the Australian Green Party, who has been a vocal advocate for the imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher. And with Greg Barns, a senior counsel and advisor to the Assange campaign. Interviewer: Joe Lauria. Producer: Cathy Vogan.