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Russian MFA: We confirm facts revealed about Biological laboratories in Ukraine

💬 Maria Zakharova: We confirm facts revealed during the special military operation in Ukraine, which prove that the Kiev regime has been destroying the evidence of military biological programmes Kiev was implementing. They were funded by the US Department of Defence.

We remember how they have been searching for chemical, biological or bacteriological weapons across the globe for years, with exceptional bloody efficacy, invading countries and killing people.

Well, you have been searching in all the wrong places. We have found them for you. Your projects, your biological samples, including those for military purposes in the first place, are in Ukraine. What were you doing there? It’s a different continent. No common borders. No US bases.

What were your specialists doing then under the guise of scientific developments, giving regular instructions to the Ukrainian side? The world has the right to know what they were going to make there, what their purpose was. The game is over.

💬 Opinion / Zakharova: Ukraine’s biolabs were funded by the Pentagon to develop biological weapons. These labs in Ukraine were subordinate to the Health Ministry.

In the summer of 2016, Barack Obama’s Democrat administration sent US national Ulyana Suprun (born and raised in the US) to Ukraine, where she became Health Minister of Ukraine.

Ulyana Suprun’s father, George Harry Jurkiw, is a retired vice-president of North American Controls Inc, a defence industry corporation.

Ulyana Suprun’s grandfather, Ivan Jurkiw, was a corporal in the independent army of Ukraine in 1919. There are reports that in WWII he was a member of Bandera units and took part in combat and sabotage missions against Soviet troops in the Carpathian Mountains.

Ulyana Suprun’s husband, Marco Suprun, is a Canadian propagandist and producer. He is notorious for his contacts with ultra-right activists in Ukraine.

This is just one instance that illustrates how demilitarisation is connected with deNAZIfication.