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Revealed: Scientists thought Wuhan Lab leak story could be true!

Leaked emails suggest British and American scientists looking at Covid thought the Wuhan lab leak theory was plausible all along, they just didn’t want to tell us!

Source: RT

Remember the Wuhan lab leak theory? That the reason covid is just so good at infecting everyone is because it may have escaped from a lab. Remember how that was dismissed as complete conjecture?

Well, emails to the top scientist in the US Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that scientists in the UK and the US thought that the Wuhan lab theory actually made sense.

One said, that a likely explanation was that Covid had rapidly evolved from a SARS like virus, made inside human tissue in a low security lab -but ultimately it was decided that talking about it would quote: “Do unnecessary harm to science in general and science in China, and could damage international harmony”

So the scientists were thinking about relations with China, which aren’t great anyway. There is a lot to unpack here and do we owe a pangolin an apology?