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Russian Military Correspondents -reported on the use of Chemical Weapons by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Source: Readovka News via Slavyangrad chat

Russian Military correspondents reported on the use of chemical weapons by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the battles in the Avdiivka direction.

According to reports from the field, drones dropped cylinders with a chemical poisoning agent on Russian positions near Novobakhmutovka. People hit by the chemical have been noted to be vomiting and cramping. According to military correspondents, similar “devices” have been previously shot down by Russian soldiers, and in contact with unprotected skin, the wreckage of the drones or the substances left chemical burns.

Earlier, a video with a similar device, as well as the cylinders with unknown substances, was published by the odious Ukrainian “military blogger,” Magyar. “Magyar” himself also confirmed that his unit uses shells with chemical warfare agents.

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