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Putin Shares His Thoughts on Speculation About the Origins of COVID-19

Source: Sputnik News

The Russian head of state argued that, instead of deliberating where exactly COVID-19 “came from”, countries should now focus on dealing with the current threat posed by the pathogen.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has shared his opinion on certain speculation surrounding the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

During an interview with Rossiya 1 TV channel, Putin remarked that there’s no reason to suspect that the coronavirus was introduced deliberately, and that nothing good would come out of anyone insisting otherwise.

As the president explained, in their current predicament, countries should join forces instead of accusing one another, with Putin arguing that it’s time to deal with what happened, not mull about “where it came from”.

“We need to do everything that leads us to deliverance from this threat”, he said, adding that that’s where “success awaits us” rather than on “the way of confrontation”.

The president also confessed that he frequently gets tested for coronavirus, and that all the results so far have been negative.