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Putin: ‘Do you want the War between Russia & NATO?!’

France’s Emmanuel Macron -is talking with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. Amid soaring tensions between Russia and the West.

Source: RT News. Transcript: Verity Base

Putin: “Why is Ukraine’s accession so dangerous. There are problems, European countries such as France, think that Crimea is part of Ukraine and We deem it part of the Russian federation. If there are any attempts to change the situation -using military means and Ukrainian doctrine, says -that Russia is an adversary and that Crimea may be returned by military means.

Now imagine Ukraine is a member of NATO, article 5, is not repealed to the country. President Biden has said recently that this article is imperative, it will be implemented. This means there will be a military confrontation between Russia and NATO.

And I asked at that press conference ‘are we to go to War with NATO?’ But you’re the second part of this and I like to ask you. Do you want this War? Do you readers, Do you audience -want this War? A war between Russia and NATO. This is how it will happen, if events run this way – We all care for European security.”