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Pathologist on the condition of the lungs of patients with coronavirus “This is not pneumonia”

Source: MK.Ru

The lungs are not the main target

Pathologist and clinical pharmacologist Alexander Ediger, shared his opinion on the changes in human lungs infected with coronavirus. The expert concluded on the basis of observations of patients with COVID-19, as well as after the autopsy of those who died of infection.

“This is not a pneumonia at all,” an expert quoted at the news agency Public News Service. Ediger explained that pneumonia is caused by a microbial or microbial viral pathogen or with the formation of a complex association of pathogens. In addition, according to him, the inflammation has a rather time-limited process. The fatal outcome of this process occurs in the most extreme cases.

However, Ediger observed with coronavirus, damage to the walls of blood vessels and blood cells. He also noted that the lungs in this way were not the major target of the coronavirus. “Receptors that are not only found in the lungs but also in the vessels and the digestive tract are affected,” he said.

The expert cited data from Chinese scientists saying; that coronavirus affects hemoglobin in the red blood cells, leading to hypoxic syndrome – lack of oxygen.

“We are dealing with a very specific lung lesion. This virus has given us a lot of surprises,” Ediger said.