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Novel coronavirus infections in Jordan, April 2012: epidemiological findings from a retrospective investigation

Source: Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

In April 2012, an outbreak of acute respiratory illness occurred in a public hospital in Zarqa city, in Jordan; 8 health care workers were among the 11 people affected, 1 of who later died.

The cause of the outbreak was unknown at the time and an epidemiological investigation including laboratory testing carried out immediately after the outbreak was inconclusive.

Following the discovery of novel coronavirus infection (nCoV) in the Arabian peninsula in September 2012, stored respiratory and serum samples of patients from this outbreak were retested and the diagnosis of nCoV was confirmed in 2 deceased patients.

Source: Global Research, Larry Romanoff

Global Research: Daniel R. Lucey has previously noted -that MERS was originally thought to originate from a Saudi patient in June 2012, but was later traced back to a hospital in Jordan, where there had previously been an outbreak of pneumonia -April the same year .

Lucey said that based on samples from people who died in Jordan, health authorities could confirm that they had been infected with the MERS virus. The “official story” about SARS, MERS and ZIKA, has since been proven to be wrong and should give rise to caution and reflection when investigating the origin of new viruses.