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Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath

Source: Project Veritas (video transcript)

Senator: Will you today finally take some responsibility for funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan? Fauci: Senator with all due respect, I disagree with so many of the things, that you’ve said. Again, first of all gain-of-function is a very nebulous term.

Senator: But that thing is, you’re still unwilling to admit -that they gained in function -when they say ‘they became sicker’ they gained in lethality. It’s a new virus, that’s not Gain-of-function? Fauci: According to the definition that is currently operable.

Senator: We’re not going to get anywhere close to trying to prevent another lab leak of this dangerous sort of experiment. You won’t admit that it’s dangerous and for that lack of judgment, I think it’s time that you resign. Fauci: It was said that I’m unwilling to take any responsibility for the current pandemic. I have no responsibility for the current pandemic.

Project Veritas has obtained never-before-seen military documents regarding the origins of covid-19. Gain-of-function research, vaccines, potential treatments which have been suppressed and the government’s effort to conceal all of this.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testified many times before congress. Stating that the U.S government was never involved in gain-of-function research, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Fauci: “It was said, that I’m unwilling to take any responsibility for the current pandemic. I have no responsibility for the current pandemic.”

That assertion is based on the NIH’s definition of gain-of-function. However, the documents we’ve obtained refute that. The documents in question, stem from a report of the defense advanced research projects agency. Better known as DARPA which were hidden in a top-secret share drive.

But what is DARPA? They are an agency under the U.S department of defense, which facilitates research and technology with potential military applications. Dr. Stephen Walker was the director of DARPA, at the time of the ECO Health Alliance proposal.

A source sent us this video of Dr. Walker talking about research they were exploring related to MRNA technology and its potential application with military personnel in the field.

Dr. Walker: DARPA about five six years ago -we stood up an office called the biotechnology office and the real purpose of that -was to understand how biology worked and then build design, design build and test cycles where you could engineer microorganisms, to do things that you want to do.

Though the main report regarding the ECO Health Alliance proposal, leaked on the internet a couple of months ago. It has remained unverified until now.

Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the inspector general of the department of defense, written by the U.S marine corps Major Joseph Murphy. A former DARPA fellow. Major Murphy makes claims in his report to the inspector general. That if true, could be damning to the official narrative that has been played out to the world over the past two years. Major Murphy’s report states that ECO Health Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018, seeking funding to conduct gain-of-function research of bat born coronaviruses.

The proposal was named – Project Defuse – DARPA rejected the proposal because the work was too dangerous and could violate the gain-of-function moratorium, despite eco-health’s position, that it would not.
According to the documents, the NIAID under the direction of Dr. Fauci, did not reject the proposal. They went ahead with the research at Wuhan and several sites across the U.S.

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly maintained his position under oath. That the NIH and NIAID have not been involved in gain-of-function research, with the ECO Health Alliance program. This appears to be contradictory to Major Murphy’s analysis and the rejection from the biological technologies’ office at DARPA.

Major Murphy’s report goes on to detail great concern over the covid19 gain-of-function program. The concealment of documents, the suppression of potential curatives like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and the MRNA vaccines.

To be clear, Major Murphy is not the source of our reporting! As far as we’re aware, he has done nothing that violates his oath of service to our country. We were able to track him down and though he couldn’t go into detail about the hidden documents, he did offer this heartfelt statement:

“I offer no comments on the investigation or internal marine corps deliberations. I offer a brief comment, to those that desire answers and to those that withhold them. To those seeking answers, I offer encouragement -there are good people striving for the truth, working together in and out of government and they succeed to those that withhold. I pray for you. Find the moral courage to come forward. Don’t let a lie, be our legacy to posterity. People will forgive. A commitment to truth is in the heart of this nation – Semper Fi

Project Veritas reached out to DARPA for comment, regarding the hidden documents and spoke with the chief of communications Jared Adams.

Adams: It doesn’t sound normal to me, no. Like I said, if something resides in a classified setting, then it should be appropriately marked. I’m not at all familiar with unmarked documents that reside in a classified and classified space. Now like I said -that doesn’t sound like… I mean -it’s not good practice to put unmarked materials in a classified space. But there may be cause too. Because something is determined to be classified. But it wasn’t originally marked appropriately.

I’d be happy Robert, honestly to investigate and talk to the people who would own this document within the agency. Ideally the director of the biological technologies’ office or the deputy director of that office and try to ascertain, why it was the case.

So here’s the question. If the department of defense, the same people who make our nuclear arsenal, felt this research was too dangerous to proceed with. Why in the world, did the NIH, NIAID and ECO Health Alliance recklessly disregard the risks involved? Did they purposefully change the definition of gain-of-function, in order to bypass the moratorium?

Further, who at DARPA made the decision to bury the original report, that could have raised red flags to the pentagon, the white house or congress. Which may have prevented this entire pandemic, that has led to the deaths of 5.4 million people worldwide and caused much pain and suffering to many millions more.

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