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Members of the European Parliament ‘Slams U.S. Sabotage of Nord Stream pipeline’

Mick Wallace (MEP) Slams U.S. Sabotage of Nord Stream pipeline

Mick Wallace (MEP): ‘Only last September, Commission President Von der Leyen stated that -it was paramount to now investigate the north stream pipeline attack and that any deliberate disruption of active European energy is unacceptable and will lead to the strongest possible response.

The strongest possible response. Well… Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh, probably the most legendary investigative journalist alive. Just published a report that presents detailed claims that -on President Biden’s orders. The U.S would with Norway’s help, blew up the north stream Pipelines.

Hirsch has a long track record of journalistic integrity, this was a premeditated terrorist attack on European critical infrastructure. It was also environmental terrorism. Does the EU care? Do you need to know who did it? or do you want to know?

You’re a Fucking Joke!..’

Clare Daly (MEP) Slams U.S. Sabotage of Nord Stream pipeline

Clare Daly: ‘Since September the lack of interest in finding answers to who was behind the north stream gas explosion has been frankly astounding. This was an act of sabotage. An act of unrivaled vandalisme, economically and environmentally -and not a word, no discussion, no questions.

Then along Comes Seymour Hersh -the world’s most acclaimed distinguished living investigative journalist. He produces a detailed claim, that the United States executed this explosion with the help of Norway. Planned months before the Invasion.

A Norwegian Navy P8 surveillance plane dropped a sonar boy on the 26th of September which triggered explosions planted by U.S. Navy Panama City Divers three months earlier under a NATO exercise -and still nothing.

I don’t know what happened. But I want to know. This is a man who doesn’t make claims likely. A man with contacts and I find it frank jaw-dropping, that the EU is not asking questions, as to who is responsible for sabotaging the livelihoods of our citizens.

I am ashamed to be a European’