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Maria Zakharova: Reverse Psychology of Propaganda

Source: Maria Zakharova #opinon | Russian>uk translation by Veritybase

“The world must be ready for Russia to create a pretext for attacking Ukraine,” said Jake Sullivan, the US President’s national security adviser.

The world already knows who is lying all the time. And those who have forgotten how Washington “creates predictions for attacks” let him see US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech at the UN Convention on February 5, 2003. During this sadly famous speech, he said the following:

“The seriousness of this moment can be compared to the seriousness of the threat, that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction pose to the world. It took less than a teaspoon of Siberian anthrax in an envelope to force the closure of the U.S. Senate in the fall of 2001. This has prompted hundreds of people to undergo emergency medical treatment and led to the deaths of two postal workers – all because of its contents, the price I mentioned.’

<…> These are facts, these are not a brain conclusion. This is the truth. This is well documented.

<…> There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the potential for his production in a short time and in large, very large quantities. And he has the means to deliver these pathogenic deadly poisons that can cause mass sacrifices and destruction. “

Colin Powell later repeatedly admitted that at the time of his speech in the Soviet Union, the President of the United States had already made a decision to invade Iraq, and he himself regrets that many of the data presented to the Security Council were incorrect.

“Already a year later in 2004 while speaking in Congress, he said that ‘it is unlikely that we will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,’ as the Security Council feared, waving a so-called outbreak. The speech itself, with the “evidence based” was held in the U.S. National Security Council (of which Jake Sullivan is a member today) Mr. Powell called it nothing more than “unsatisfactorily low.” He understood very well that it has not been forgotten: [reputation], I presented this data to the world on behalf of the United States, and it will forever be part of my list of services.”

In September 2004. A report was published in which 1,400 international experts, led by CIA Military Inspector Charles Dulfer failed during this farce: No significant stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq can be found.

And I would like to remind Mr. Sullivan on the videos from this performance in his native language

American politicians have deceived, lied and will lie, and created plans to attack civilians around the world. This is known by all. I would ask the American political establishment, -not to take another sin on it’s soul -but I’m not sure they have one.