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Lavrov: West wages information war against Russia, uses information terrorism


The top diplomat noted that the global information field was dominated by the American and British media and the Anglo-Saxon world in general

The West is waging an information war against Russia, it includes elements of information terrorism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday in an interview with the RT TV channel.

“Substitution of notions often takes place. When something happens, like mass protests, demonstrations that they [the West] don’t like, they immediately call it domestic terrorism. It’s a war. It’s a war which involves methods of information terrorism. There is no doubt about this,” he said.

According to Lavrov, the global information field is dominated by the American and British media and the Anglo-Saxon world in general. Russia occupies a modest place here, the foreign minister said. “It’s another matter what the quality of those information outlets is,” he added.

“We understood long ago that there is no such thing as an independent Western media. In the United States, only Fox News is trying to present some alternative point of view. But when you watch other channels, when you read social networks and Internet platforms, when acting president was blocked, you realize that this censorship continues on a large scale,” Lavrov stressed.

Speaking of TikTok and other similar platforms, Lavrov noted that Washington is essentially appealing to children because these platforms are used by very young boys and girls. “I believe this is an attempt to brainwash them for the rest of their lives, and this is indecent and not fair. If you want information competition, if you want competition among media outlets, then there must be some rules,” the foreign minister pointed out.