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Kosovo perpetuate Xhafer Deva’s memory and spend 300,000 euros to restore the building of a Nazi Collaborator and War Criminal

Source: Russian MFA

Zakharova: ‘During World War II, Xhafer Deva, an Albanian and a Nazi, served as a reliable pillar first for Italian fascists, and later for German Nazis in the Albanian part of Yugoslavia. A notorious war criminal, a proponent of punitive expeditions and a ruthless executioner, he sent Jews, Slavic and Roma people to German concentration camps and organised the SS Skanderbeg Division. He was also an accomplice to Heinrich Himmler’s special representative, SS-Gruppenführer Josef Fitzthum.

This man built a bloody career during the occupation. Moreover, he was a radical Islamist who declared not just genocide, but an outright jihad against non-Muslims in occupied Yugoslavia. He was the local embodiment of evil in its absolute form.

It’s little wonder that in 1945 he entered into contact with US intelligence and was later recruited by the CIA. His ties to the Nazis and later to CIA operatives enabled him to avoid punishment and happily settle in California, where he lived in peace into old age and died in the 1970s.

The current authorities in Kosovo, a separatist territory, decided to perpetuate Xhafer Deva’s memory against the backdrop of an escalation between Pristina and Belgrade. Pristina is ready to spend 300,000 euros to restore a small three-storey building where this Nazi collaborator and war criminal lived during occupation. This is happening despite the protests voiced by Jewish associations and even the German ambassador. However, Pristina could not care less, and its patrons – the United States, Great Britain and the EU – have been silent. It is not that they are embarrassed; they are actually very glad.

After all, all those Kurti, Zelensky and others who like chanting Glory to Ukraine only pretend that they object to being labelled neo-Nazis. I think that they will soon say: Yes, we are Nazis, but what can you do about it if the EU sponsors us while the United States supplies us with weapons?’