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John Pilger on Ukraine, US tensions with Russia & China

Source: Going Underground (RT) with John Pilger by Afshin Rattansi

An Enemy is Essential for US & Its Vassals!

John Pilger “But you know all these scandals are only a façade for serious war making and that’s what’s happening in certainly in the Ukraine at the moment. It’s probably one of the most distorted stories I can ever remember, I mean first of all if you look at it – the Russians who are said to be the aggressors and about to invade. Russian troops are actually in Russia US missiles surround Russia, British troops are on the borders of Russia, Nato troops are on the borders of Russia, Nato troops surround Russia from Slovenia all the way down. So the aggression, the potential aggression, appears to be almost certainly on one side. But it’s never reported that way and that’s why propaganda is so important at the moment, we’ve had nothing but propaganda of Russia about to invade. It goes straight back to the old cold war when the Russians were coming and of course they weren’t coming as we now know from all the classified material. The Russians had no serious intention of invading Western Europe and yet that was the propaganda, all the way through it didn’t make any sense from their point of view – this doesn’t make any sense from their point of view.”

Afshin Rattansi: “Now well the BBC – which you’re right has sort of been attacked this week about defunding it by the government, through its curious mechanism that doesn’t seem to have happened. Actually arguably the BBC say it is committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output. The commitment is fundamental to our reputation, our values and the trust of audiences. You don’t think BBC journalists would similarly allow China -say if it had bases in Mexico and Russian bases in Canada, for them to say -look the United States has to change where its troops are within the United States.”

John Pilger: Yeah well -that’s the satirical version that you’ve just read out and it’s always worth a good laugh -among those who actually take the trouble to deconstruct the news. Unfortunately most people haven’t enough time to do that and so the BBC has an entirely false reputation of objectivity, there’s no objectivity. BBC represents British Imperial Foreign Policy, it does it right through, it’s doing it at the moment with the so-called Russian aggression in Ukraine. On domestic policies there were two landmark mark bills 2012 and last year which effectively set up set out the privatization of the national health service. The BBC barely reported these, and these bills have a critical effect on almost everyone in this country and what when during Thatcher’s time. When one of her advisors advised her to privatize the great public institutions, like the NHS by stealth – that is what is happening now – None of that, none of that is given to the BBC’s millions of viewers -as it really is.”