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In Search of God

Source: Strategi Culture by Declan Hayes

Wherever Jesus now dwells, His finger is not wrapped around the trigger of a Walther P38 or a M142 HIMARS.

To mock Orthodox Christmas, the pro-NATO Irish Independent newspaper, taking their liturgical ignorance from NATO’s flagship BBC outlet, published an editorial, available here, in Ukrainian, for which the Ukrainian Embassy and the parasites of “the Ukrainian Community in Ireland” duly thanked them on social media. Little ChristmasTwelfth Night as Shakespeare called it, is also the Orthodox Christmas and the Ukrainian junta, far from having a monopoly on it, is actually ransacking Orthodox churches, and beating up Orthodox priests and old Ukrainian men and women for celebrating it on the pretext that there is something peculiarly Russian in how Armenians, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Assyrians, Ethiopians and Eritreans celebrate Christmas.

Though Zelensky’s rump Reich predictably threw cold water on the Russian Church’s proposal for a Yuletide ceasefire, Pope Francis, together with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, should have immediately echoed Patriarch Kirill’s call, as there can be no doubt where Jesus would have stood on that one, even if only for the day that was in it. Though we know that Jesus liked to knock around with sinners, I am sure He would have drawn the line at Zelensky, Biden and their sociopathic ilk. The three days Jesus spent in Hell was enough for Him; trying to get Zelensky and his resurrected 1st Waffen SS Galician adopt even the most basic norms of humanity would have been just too much.

Certainly, for the relatives of the Ukrainian soldiers who died serving the Zelensky Reich over the Orthodox Yuletide, they can have no doubts Zelensky’s reincarnated Waffen SS are to blame for the bereavements that now forever blight their lives. I hope that their God, even if he too is a Russophobe, comforts them.

Kevin Birmingham’s The Sinner and the Saint: Dostoevsky and the Gentleman Murderer Who Inspired a Masterpiece explains how Dostoevsky found solace in God and much more in Siberia’s gulags and how, from the many furtive notes he took on his fellow-prisoners, he devised Crime and Punishment’s Raskolnikov, the Russian re-incarnation of Pierre François Lacenaire, the notorious murderer who charmed and outraged 1830s’ Paris in equal measure.

Dostoevsky is far from the only Orthodox Russian to find God in God-forsaken Siberia. Here is the tale of a group of Russian Orthodox nuns and priests, who set up camp amidst the Buddhist nomads of Buryatia, whom Pope Francis recently falsely calunied before doing the papal equivalent of a back flip. As the Buryati Buddhists scratched their heads, wondering what brought these men and women of God to their waste lands they asked, not without reason, if these interlopers were stark, raving mad. Though the Buryati Buddhists had other things to fret about, they helped the monks and nuns to build their compound, gave them a boat and fishing tackle and taught them the rudiments of surviving at the ass end of the world with only mosquitoes, bears and packs of hungry wolves for company as they forage for dry wood in the middle of the forests that surround them. These Russian Orthodox nuns and priests say they too have found God.

The Serbian nuns in Jerusalem’s Church of Mary Magdalene, the Romanian Orthodox nuns in Jericho and the Greek Orthodox nuns at Jacob’s Well (where the Israelis martyred St Phiiloumenos) all said the same to me, as did the good Russian monks of Hebron in the Occupied West Bank.

Christians, genuine Christians like them, in the Holy Land, meet God head on, as often as not in the form of unprovoked aggression by the American and other supremacists, who have colonized those holy lands and who delight in humiliating nuns and priests, much as Jesus was humiliated and as how priests and nuns, who bless themselves in the Orthodox manner are now being set upon by Zelensky’s thugs, who model both themselves and their uniforms on the Waffen SS, who were no strangers to butchering nuns.

Wherever Jesus now dwells, His finger is not wrapped around the trigger of a Walther P38 or a M142 HIMARS. And nor do His fingers linger on the keyboards of the Irish Independent or of the BBC propaganda outlets. Hitler’s Willing Executioners argued that they didn’t know, that they didn’t have access to the Internet and wifi to find out what their loved ones were up to. But the Irish Independent and the BBC have 5G and they abuse it to excuse the crimes of Zelensky’s SS and their masters in the Pentagon, in the British Foreign Office and in NATO’s arms’ companies. And they do all that not in search of God, but in search of Judas blood money.

Nietzsche first declared the hunt for God was over in the appropriately named The Gay Science, when he has the madman declare that “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him” before going on to explore what will replace the morality that was built on the God hypothesis. The Nazis of Germany and Ukraine, together with their copycats in Israel and their British, Irish and other apologists have filled that particular void in the form of exponentially rising demands for adult and child sized body bags in Israel, Ukraine and other blood soaked lands where one must be careful how one blesses oneself, if one dare bless oneself at all.

Though these latest wars will run their course as all others have before them,.and though God will survive in the Siberian forests, in Hebron, Jerusalem, Jacob’s Well and Jericho just as He survived The Lawless Roads, the setting for Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory classic, God and very much more, has indeed died in much of NATOstan and those who give any credibility to the BBC, to the Irish Independent and to those godless NATO cretins who block Russia Today and God’s other voices are as guilty of deicide as are Zelensky’s 1st Galician Waffen SS and the godless American curs who arm them.