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Incitement to hatred in remarks by Ukrainian statesmen and public figures

Source: Russian MFA

Here are some examples of incitement to hatred in remarks by Ukrainian statesmen and public figures.

Vladimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine

“You call them human [referring to people subject to NSDC (National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine) sanctions]? But they aren’t all the same. There are human representatives. Not all human representatives are human. There are species as well, I believe.” (Vladimir Zelensky’s marathon press conference, Nov. 29, 2021)

💬 Dmitry Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine

“The removal of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, will be sufficient to end the war in Ukraine, but to restore peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic space, Russia must be de-Putinised.” (at the Renew Democracy Initiative, Mar. 12, 2022)

💬 Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former Prime Minister of Ukraine

“They [the Ukrainian military who died in the crash of a military transport aircraft at Lugansk Airport] lost their lives because they were defending men and women, children and the elderly, who faced the threat of being killed by the invaders and the subhumans they sponsor. First, we will honour the memory of the heroes by destroying those who killed them, and then we will cleanse our land of evil.” (Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s official commentary on the page of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States, Apr. 16, 2014, in English)

💬 Yulia Timoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine

“We need to take up arms and go kill those damn katsaps… I would find a way to kill those (expletive), and I hope that I will use all my connections, and I will raise the whole world as much as I can, so that not even a scorched field is left of Russia… They should be fired on with nuclear weapons.” (excerpt from a telephone conversation with former First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Nestor Shufrich, ForPost News of Sevastopol, Mar. 24, 2014)

💬 Andrey Parubiy, former Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

“I myself am a huge proponent of direct democracy. By the way, so that you know, Adolf Hitler was the biggest person practicing direct democracy in the 1930s.” (YouTube, Apr. 9, 2018)

💬 Alexander Turchinov, former acting President of Ukraine and former Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

“I return to the possibility of a continental war between Russia and Ukraine. Our armed forces have been brought into full combat order and readiness. We have no choice. We must create one of the most powerful armies in Europe. Our war will end only when the entire territory of the country is liberated, including Ukrainian Crimea.” (online edition, Dec. 17, 2014)

“Russia’s numerous strong and serious neighbours are looking at it, especially its eastern part, as canned food that needs to be opened soon.” (UNIAN news agency, Jul. 24, 2015)

“For me, the ‘Russian world’ means Russian tanks and Russian multiple rocket launchers. I’m sorry, but those who are for such a ‘Russian world’ must be sentenced to lengthy prison terms or be destroyed.” (, Nov. 4, 2016).

“We were deprived of a powerful nuclear capability – the world’s third largest – in exchange for fictitious security guarantees that are not backed up by anything or anyone.” (, Jan. 26, 2016)

“A horrendous mixture of Horde cruelty, taiga rudeness and centuries-old servile anger has created the phenomenon of the Russian people.” (Alexander Turchinov’s personal website, Apr. 24, 2018)

“Ukrainian cruise missiles are capable of destroying the Crimea Bridge in a couple of minutes and pose a threat to Russian warships of any class in the waters of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.” (, Jul. 16, 2019)

“If the territories that were annexed to Russia through blood, violence, betrayal and lies are separated from Russia, the remaining ‘primordially Russian’ swamps can easily fit within the boundaries of the Moscow Region.” (UNIAN agency, Dec. 20, 2019)

“We are ready to destroy russkies wherever possible. They must be killed not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its borders in Russia.” (Turchinov’s page on VKontakte, Feb. 24, 2022)

💬 Oleg Tyagnibok, leader of the Ukrainian Svoboda (Freedom) Association

“There is no real threat to the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine. It’s just that Putin wants to confirm in documents the status of Russian speakers in order to continue terrorising and annexing Ukraine under the pretext of defending compatriots.” (RBK-Ukraine, April 19, 2014).

“Despite the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia, the authorities must do everything they can for Ukrainian citizens to feel safe on their land. This is exactly why we suggest establishing a separate headquarters for the protection of Ukrainian citizens in Crimea, those who remain to live in the occupied territory.” (statement on Svoboda website, April 2014).

“As a native resident of the east of Ukraine, I can state with confidence that the Ukrainisation of Crimea, Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson, Krivoi Rig, Sicheslav, Zaporozhye, Kremenchug, Dneprodzerzhinsk and other Russian-speaking cities can only be achieved by a totalitarian military dictatorship and repressive measures. This is when the teeth of the defenders of bilingualism will be knocked out with the butts of automatic rifles and when Ukrainophobes will be shot on the spot for such deeds without charge or trial.”

“Lustration alone will not be enough to create a truly Ukrainian Ukraine in the cities of the east and the south of the country. To do this, it is necessary to end parliamentarism altogether, ban all political parties, nationalise all industries and media, prohibit the import into Ukraine of any literature from the Russian Federation, ban the publication of anything in the Russian language, even an ABC book, completely replace top government officials, education administrators and military personnel (especially in the east), to physically eliminate all Russian-speaking intelligentsia and all Ukrainophobes (to shoot them quickly without charge or trial. Any member of Svoboda can compile a registry of Ukrainophobes in his relevant section), and execute all members of anti-Ukrainian parties and organisations – not only pro-Russian, but also pro-Romanian, pro-Hungarian and pro-Tatar ones.”

“It makes sense to have something like the ‘Chinese cultural revolution’ and use the Kampuchean methods under Pol Pot on the urban Russian-speaking population. Russian speakers must be forced to work in the fields.”

“Or it is possible to organise a new Holodomor for the Russian-speaking cities in order to reduce their population. But it is necessary to withdraw Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians from there in advance. Sbovoda local cells will approve the list of those Ukrainians. Cities must be blocked, preferably in winter. Gas, electricity and water must be switched off; sewers and cell networks cut off.”

“The Palestinians are in a condition similar to the hypothetical genocide that I have described. Kurds in Turkey are also discriminated against but the damned Yid community takes no notice of this. This is a Zionist community and they want Ukrainians to disappear forever. Ukraine has hostages — Jews. If the community of globalisers sends troops, a real Holocaust for Jews will start in Ukraine.”

“No matter how well the Russian-speaking amorphous biomass of live stomachs lives, they won’t be motivated to sing ‘Oi u luzi chervona kalina’ on October 14 and they won’t join a torchlight march on January 1. This herd of cattle must be reduced by 5-6 million. Nation comes first. Quality of life is secondary. Guys from UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) in forest hideouts, heroes of the Galichina Division in the hell of the Brody entrapping and inmates of Stalin’s prisons did not care about quality of life as a priority.”

“Ukraine and its population of 45 million will not notice the disappearance of 6 million. I am not saying this should take a week. The population of Ukraine has gone down by almost 10 million since 1991 anyway.”

“They are not ‘our own kind.’ My brother-in-law wears a red T-shirt with a hammer and sickle and the letters ‘USSR.’ He and people like him are enemies of the nation and must be physically destroyed. As a man from the east of Ukraine, it gives me no pleasure to say this, but cudgels need to be taken to beat the eastern cattle. They have been lobotomised for 300 years. There is no other way. Only fire!”

“To turn Donbass or Kharkov kids into Ukrainian-speaking, Ukrainian-thinking nation-centric Ukrainians, we need to isolate them from their parents. We must create youth and children’s organisations that will school children from kindergarten. They will bring them up as Pavlik Morozovs so that they report on their Ukrainophobic parents. This is possible but in conditions of totalitarian rule, dictatorship and militarism.” (“How we should develop Ukraine” recommendations from the website of the Svoboda party, 2014-2015)

“The Revolution of Dignity is a striking example of banderisation. Bandera’s slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes!’ became the main Maidan slogan. Nationalism became the driving force of Maidan, no matter what they say to cover up this fact.” (Oleg Tyagnibok’s page on Facebook, Jan. 5, 2015)

“Muscovy is in debt to us not only for World War II. It owes us for the occupation of the past century, the dispossession of the kulaks (wealthy peasants) and collectivisation, three Holodomors and tens of millions of Ukrainian lives destroyed. It owes us parts of the Diamond Fund and the Soviet gold-and-currency reserves that we are entitled to.” (personal Telegram channel, 2020)

💬 Irina Farion, People’s Deputy of the 7th Verkhovna Rada from the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda party

“After all, we must learn to read our history as it is and realise that Moscow is our number one enemy. This is our national path. This is our programme and our action plan. Get up, break the shackles and water freedom with the enemy’s evil blood. Enemy blood, not your own!” (Golos Epokhi magazine, Mar. 08, 2014)

💬 Andrey Biletsky, People’s Deputy of the 8th Verkhovna Rada

“We must use these opportunities to build a full-fledged country, to destroy the power of Russia, to create anarchy there, perhaps a civil war, perhaps a war in the Caucasus, perhaps a social crisis. There are many options. And when the crisis strikes, we must carry out, under the Croatian scenario, a lightning-fast offensive operation with 10 times fewer losses than a year on the contact line. But first we need to weaken the enemy, and then a quick military operation will be possible.” (/, Mar. 13, 2019)

“We know that Crimea is not theirs, Crimea is ours. Donetsk is part of Ukraine, Lugansk is part of Ukraine, and Kuban is part of Ukraine. (/, Mar. 14, 2020)

💬 Vasily Marushchinets, Consul of Ukraine in Hamburg

Posted on his Facebook page that “it’s an honour to be a Nazi” and that he feels intense dislike for anyone who does not support the ideas of nationalism. The consul also reposted materials that justify the Holocaust and the Babi Yar massacre. (Facebook, May 2018)

💬 Yevgeny Karas, leader of the ultra-right C14 organisation

“In fact, Maidan was not about European integration. The true goal of Ukraine is to ‘carry out Western objectives’ in the war against Russia and receive weapons while doing so, which can then be turned against neighbouring countries.”

“They gave us so many weapons now, not because we are nice people. Not because ‘they only want the best for us’ but because we are fulfilling the objectives set by the West, because we are the only people who are ready to fulfill them. It’s fun to kill and it’s hilarious to go to war.” “Even if half of us die, the other half will have fun, because they will enjoy more happiness and success.”

“We are having fun. Putin will attack us, but we will have fun. It’s cool. Or should we attack him first?” (“Bandera Readings”, February 2022)

💬 Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the extremist organisation Right Sector

“Our attitude towards the Russians, as well as towards other representatives of ethnic minorities, perfectly fits with the methods advocated by Stepan Bandera. Our attitude is fraternal towards those who, together with us, are fighting for the statehood of the Ukrainian nation; our attitude is tolerant towards those who recognise our right to be masters of our own destiny in our own land; and our attitude is hostile towards those who deny this right.”

“We believe that the de-Russification of Ukraine is entirely just and necessary. The concept of de-Russification means that ethnic Ukrainians will return to their language, history, and identity.” (Interfax-Ukraine agency, Feb. 22, 2014)

“We stand for Ukraine without kikes or katsaps…” (REX news agency, Mar. 05, 2014)

“After we repel the large-scale invasion by ErEfia (RF – the Russian Federation), we will burn Moscow … and I will retire.”

“Glory to the nation! Death to the Russian Federation!”

(Dmitry Yarosh Facebook account, Dec. 2021)

💬 Sashko Bely (Muzychko), leader of the Right Sector in Western Ukraine

“As long as I live, I will fight communists, kikes and moskali. This is my creed.” (LIFEJOURNAL entry, Mar. 2014)

“I know the hour will come when Ukraine will stretch to fill its ethnic borders, from here to the Caucasus. The Don, Kuban, and Terek are our ancestral lands and we will bring them together. All of that will be ours.”

“The people will take up arms. If these dregs do not leave our land, we will destroy them. Ukraine above all!” (Special Correspondent, Mar 2014)

💬 Demyan Ganul, former head of the military wing of the Odessa-based Right Sector

Called on like-minded people to “grab the chance” to clearing the region of opponents. Representatives of the opposition and the Orthodox Church were to be purged first. The comments include information about potential targets’ addresses and property. (Telegram channel GANUL, Mar. 09, 2022)

💬 Borislav Bereza, former head of the Right Sector’s information department

Announced a “safari hunt” of Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots. (Telegram channel Bereza Juice, Mar 09, 2022)

💬 Excerpts from the transcript of the conversation between Dmitry Yarosh and Oleg Tyagnibok on March 1, 2014

Dmitry Yarosh: “I want to make Ukraine for Ukrainians. Now, I need the position of SBU head. The Ukrainian security’s ties with the moskali need to be cleaned up, they know too much about us. You will help me and we will work together.”

Oleg Tyagnibok: “I heard your guys want to appoint you to the SBU, but I didn’t think it was true. What do you need it for? Go into politics. You have a strong base.”

Dmitry Yarosh: “Into politics? What for? To wear a snazzy jacket? I do have the power. The time when we dabbled in slingshots is over. Now I have enough weapons to break the backs of all the ‘internal occupiers.’ With the SBU resources, my guys and I will first put things in order in the Katsapshchina (eastern and southeastern Ukraine – ed.) and in Crimea. The katsaps will run away from Sevastopol. We’ll make the earth burn under their feet. We’ll start strangling the sailors one by one and blow up a couple of ships. They’ll flee as fast as they can and their minions will tag along. I will choke off all evil. At the same time, I will start to shake things up in the Voronezh, Belgorod and Kursk regions. We will prepare combat groups from the Tatars and send them to help the Caucasus Emirate. Sashko Muzychko can do that. He is experienced in these matters. The Chechens respect him. We have connections. The more problems the moskali have, the less they are likely to bother us. We will use this time to get stronger and establish ourselves.”

Oleg Tyagnibok: “You have plans like Napoleon.”

Dmitry Yarosh: “No, like Bandera.”

Oleg Tyagnibok: “What if the katsaps rebel in Ukraine? There are many of them in Donetsk, Kharkov and Sevastopol. The regionals and Commies haven’t had their teeth kicked in yet.”

Dmitry Yarosh: “They will and then wash them down with their own blood. Here, I think, we will quietly neutralise the most violent ones. The rest will calm down on their own.”

Oleg Tyagnibok: “What about Europe? As tolerant as they are, they will not tolerate bloodshed for long.”

Dmitry Yarosh: “I am ready to put up with this buffoonery with European integration until we have a serious conversation about joining the EU. I would rather hug a Kuban Cossack than a European faggot. Accession to Europe is death for Ukraine. Death for the state and for Christianity. We want Ukraine for Ukrainians, run by Ukrainians rather than serving the interests of others, including America and the EU. And this is how it is going to be!”

Oleg Tyagnibok: “Okay, things are clear with the moskali and Europe. What do you think about the Poles? They are serious about claiming Volhynia. They have already begun to draw Eastern Borderlands on the maps. The pro-Polish sentiment is strong there. If we don’t find common language with Europe, they may unleash the ‘Polish dog’ on us. In January, the Polish Sejm accused Svoboda of pursuing an anti-Polish policy. They called me an anti-Semite and a Russophobe. There was a lot of groaning and moaning.”

Dmitry Yarosh: “You can be proud of that. No one has ever called me that. Didn’t their Armia Krajowa had enough from OUN/UPA? If they rear their heads, we will arrange a second Katyn for them. We will not give up a single metre of Ukrainian soil to moskali, Poles, let alone kikes. There will be room enough on the gallows for everyone.”