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How will they spin Soledar? ‘The Duran’

Source: The Duran

“NATO they’re trying to figure out a narrative now to frame this, because they’re going to have a really difficult time framing this” – “The entire narrative is built on the premise of NATO and Ukraine are going to push Russia out of Ukrainian lands -including Crimea. I mean… that’s been the entire framing of this, of how the collective West and Ukraine are going to take on Russia, that is the goal, the goal is Russia.”

“When you see the territory in reverse being taken by the Russians, and you couple that with horrendous terrible catastrophic loss in personnel and equipment – then people are going to start to say, wait a minute -we’ve been told one thing and we’re seeing everything all the metrics moving in a completely opposite direction, and then you can also make the economic argument as well.”

“Surovikin has specifically said; ‘My goal as Commander at this point is to grind down the Ukraine military’ I mean he said that, so it’s going to be slow, -it’s going to be a war of attrition.”