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How the West Brought War to Ukraine ‘Benjamin Abelow Interview’

Source: Finian Cunningham & Benjamin Abelow

The United States and NATO allies have sown the conflict in Ukraine and we are now reaping the whirlwind. That’s the view of Benjamin Abelow who explains the reasons in this interview with Finian Cunningham.

Abelow is the author of How the West Brought War to Ukraine. In his book and in this interview, he lays out the background of the war and how the US and its Western allies created the causes of conflict.

We need to understand those causes of conflict if sustainable peace is to be found – before this war turns into a catastrophe of all-out world war.

The United States, NATO and the Western media are part of the problem, not part of the solution as they would fancifully pretend to be.

Washington repeatedly ignored Moscow’s strategic security concerns over many years with the expansion of NATO right up to Russia’s borders. Even on the eve of war at the beginning of this year, the US and its NATO partners dismissed out of hand Russia’s diplomatic efforts to form a security treaty for Europe, one that would take Moscow’s concerns into proper consideration. That effort at diplomacy was rejected and now we are in a situation of horrific destruction and suffering and the potential for a nuclear conflagration.

The Western media are doing a huge disservice to public understanding of the war in Ukraine, how it was created and what are the bigger geopolitical concerns. Abelow says the Western media are acting like “propaganda arms” for warmongering policies. Russia is distorted as “evil incarnate” while Vladimir Putin is caricatured as the “new Hitler”. This is appalling misinformation and anyone who challenges the distortions is liable to be denounced as a “Russian stooge” or censored from public debate.

False narratives are leading to more and more errors with tragic consequences. The Biden administration is a shambles as are European governments. They are piling more fuel to the fire in Ukraine such as endlessly supplying weapons instead of pushing for a negotiated settlement. The decision by the Biden administration this week to supply Patriot missiles to Ukraine is one more example of how the West is recklessly escalating a conflict which is ultimately bringing nuclear powers into confrontation.

In the midst of this madness, the Western media are censoring intelligent and informed views about the war in Ukraine. Benjamin Abelow brings such a view to the fore in this interview.

If war is to be averted then we must understand the causes of conflict. Benjamin Abelow provides such an understanding.