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This is how Nazi Collaborators saluted the Wehrmacht and SS units -for their identification in front of the Nazi SS

Source: Russian MFA: Opinion by Maria Zakharova

Several days ago, the discussion about the use of the words “glory” and “hero” was revived.

I have already talked about this, both in a dry and official manner, as well as with emotion, and… in different ways.

Let me once again remind those who use these code words either because of their illiteracy or their immorality.

In August 1939, the second congress of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) was held in fascist Italy. One of the decisions of the congress was to adopt the unified greeting of the Ukrainian fascists at that time: “Glory to Ukraine!” and the response cry “Glory to the Leader!” (Vozhdevy Slava).

Later, in 1941, after the OUN split into two factions (the OUN(m) and OUN(b)), Bandera’s supporters held their own second congress of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, this time in Krakow, where they also approved the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” / “Glory to the heroes!”. Both phrases – the greeting and the response – were agreed upon and approved as a symbolic greeting, a kind of call sign, a code in the “friend or foe” sense of recognition. At the same time, in order to emphasise their isolation, the Melnikovites adhered to the response phrase “Glory to the Leader.”

Another “spicy” moment is that, according to the documents approved at the 1941 congress, the greeting was accompanied by the following gesture: “the greeting is made in the form of raising the straightened right arm at an angle to the right just above the head.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

This is how collaborators saluted the Wehrmacht and SS units back in those years, not just for their internal use, but for their identification in front of the Nazi SS.

The excuses of those who use the slogans today “jokingly” will not work. Every time someone uses these passcodes, they salute Nazism and fascism.