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US escalates in Ukraine battleground

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Moscow-based international affairs analyst Mark Sleboda about recent developments in Ukraine. Sleboda provides an in-depth explanation of the history leading to up to the current situation and analyses domestic factors in Ukraine that are pushing the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to pursue a more bellicose posture towards [ »» ]


Natanz incident bold act of nuclear terrorism on Iranian soil

Source: Press TV Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh says the Sunday incident in Natanz which saw a nuclear facility lose electricity was “a bold act of nuclear terrorism on the Iranian soil”. “The appalling incident that took place in Natanz was the work of the Zionist regime, given what it was repeatedly saying before and what is still [ »» ]


Biden to follow Trump’s lead in South China Sea

Source: Asia Times by Richard Javad Heydarian Biden’s top advisors already calling for more China-checking freedom of navigation operations and strategic support for Taiwan With the impending US transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, there are few signs that either America or China intends on backing down in the South China Sea including [ »» ]


Explosive stakes on Armenia-Azerbaijan chessboard

Source: Asia times by Pepe Escobar Pulling Russia back into the Nagorno-Karabakh morass means more Turkish freedom of action in other war theaters Few geopolitical hot spots across the planet rival the Caucasus, that intractable tribal Tower of Babel, throughout history a contentious crossroads of empires from the Levant and nomads from the Eurasian [ »» ]


Maintaining Pretence Over Reality: ‘Simply Put, the Iranians Outfoxed the U.S. Defence Systems’

Source: Strategic Culture by Alastair Crooke So it never was then a ‘peace agreement’ between Israel and the UAE. It was ‘normalisation’ for the purposes of mounting a military alliance against Iran. Pompeo suggested so, this weekend. He said that the UAE and Israel have agreed to form a security and military alliance against Iran to ‘protect’ U.S. [ »» ]


DARPA: The Pentagon’s mad scientists at work

Source: Asia Times by Dave Makichuk You’ve seen the superhero movie scenario before — a mad scientist’s experiment goes terribly wrong, and he or she is transformed into an evil nemesis for the good guys to battle. That’s all science-fiction, right? Comic book stuff? We all know those wild and crazy military experiments only [ »» ]


Battleground Beirut: Western Colony or Back to the East?

Source: Asia Times by Pepe Escobar As much as Covid-19 has been instrumentalized by the 0.001% to social engineer a Great Reset, the Beirut tragedy is already being instrumentalized by the usual suspects to keep Lebanon enslaved. Facing oh so timely color revolution-style “protests”, the current Lebanese government led by Prime Minister Diab has already resigned. [ »» ]


Iran says it dismantled a U.S. Cyber Espionage Network

Source: Reuters LONDON (Reuters) – Iran said on Monday it had exposed a large cyber espionage network it alleged was run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and that several U.S. spies had been arrested in different countries as the result of this action. U.S.-Iran tensions are growing following accusations by U.S. President [ »» ]


Obama’s covert drone war in numbers: ten times more strikes than Bush

Source: Bureau of Investigative Journalism by Jessica Purkiss There were ten times more air strikes in the covert war on terror during President Barack Obama’s presidency than under his predecessor, George W. Bush. Obama embraced the US drone programme, overseeing more strikes in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency. A [ »» ]



Source: CHICAGO TRIBUNE by Paul Salopek The first Americans Nawang Gayltsen ever saw had small, silver eagles pinned on their caps. Nawang will never forget those eagles. They seemed auspicious, like totems of victory or success. Today, his face wrinkles into a sad smile remembering this. The Americans came, he said, in a big [ »» ]