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DPR – OSCE debunks Ukrainian Intelligence Lie about Chemical leak

Following the announcement by Ukrainian military intelligence that a chemical leak had occurred in Gorlovka, DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), the OSCE was keen to verify the information, and debunked this huge lie.

Source: Donbass insider by Christelle Néant

On 15 January 2022, Ukrainian military intelligence announced that containers of ammonia delivered to the Stirol company in Gorlovka, DPR, had leaked, contaminating the air.

“According to the information of the Ukrainian army intelligence, on January 14 of this year, containers containing ammonia were delivered to the company Stirol in the city of Gorlovka, occupied by Russian troops, from which toxic substances leaked into the air due to sealing violations. The fact that the actions of the Russian occupiers caused a man-made disaster can be used to accuse Ukraine of using toxic chemicals and as a reason to extend the armed aggression against our state,” their official website states.

I will skip the huge lie of the Russian occupation of Gorlovka, and the DPR in general, which exists only in the delusions of the Ukrainian authorities, and concentrate on the other monstrous lie in this message, which is the alleged leakage of chemicals into the air, and its potential use to blame Ukraine.

As soon as I read this information, I of course asked the people I know in Gorlovka. The problem is that, “strangely”, no one has seen or heard anything about it. Nothing on social networks either. A leak of ammonia large enough to reach the Ukrainian intelligence services should also have been perceived by the population.

This announcement of a chemical leak in the DPR by the Ukrainian military intelligence services also reached the OSCE, which decided to send its observers to verify this information.

For two days, the observers of the OSCE’s SSM (Special Surveillance Mission) went to the area to check the situation, and their report indicates that there is nothing! Everything is calm, and there is no evidence of a chemical leak!

“On 16 and 17 January, the SMM followed up on reports of an alleged leak of ammonia gas from a factory in Gorlovka (non-government-controlled, 39km north-east of Donetsk). The Mission observed a calm situation and will continue to follow up,” the OSCE report says.

Even the OSCE, which is biased in favour of Kiev, debunks the lie of the Ukrainian intelligence services about a chemical leak in the DPR!

The DPR representation in the JCCC (Joint Ceasefire Control and Coordination Centre) was also keen to thank the OSCE for doing its job in verifying these serious accusations.

“We are grateful to the Mission for its prompt monitoring of the situation and verification of information. We urge the Ukrainian side to stop speculating about the ‘chemical’ issue so as not to mislead international public opinion or intimidate the local population,” said the DPR’s representation in the CCCC.

By the way, since we are debunking lies and false information, if some of the pseudo English and French speaking media, who relayed the accusations made by the Ukrainian intelligence services, read this article: contrary to what you said, the Sitrol factory is not at a standstill, or more exactly, it is not at a standstill since last year! Indeed, at the end of 2021, two of the factory’s workshops (the one producing paints and lacquers, and the one producing polymers) were restarted after several years of shutdown, and a complete plan to restart the factory was approved.

The question that arises regarding the lie of the Ukrainian military intelligence is why falsely accuse a chemical leak in the DPR? Well, because at the end of December, Russia and the DPR announced that they feared a chemical weapons provocation by Ukraine in the Donbass.

It seems that by accusing the DPR of a chemical leak at the Stirol plant, Ukraine was miserably trying to deflect accusations that it was using a chemical provocation to justify an offensive against the Donbass Republics. Unfortunately for Kiev, for once the OSCE SSM did its job properly and debunked this huge lie.

However, such lies from Kiev, as the Ukrainian army intensifies its shelling in the Donbass, and as the West sends troops and weapons to Ukraine, indicate that a new escalation of the conflict is to be feared.