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The disrupted offensive of the AFU on Donbass -Why it is not a myth

Source: UKR Leaks

I am absolutely sure that the Kiev authorities were preparing a strike on Donbass. I personally heard about this from the war prisoners in the spring of 2022. According to them, the offensive was planned for early March 2022. This was evidenced by a number of documents captured by our army during the flight of the AFU.

And here is another confirming fact from the hacker group “Beregini”. I got acquainted with the documents they obtained. Knowing what the standard reports of the AFU command look like, I can say with confidence that the new materials are authentic.

To confirm my words, I will show you the presentation I have obtained about the crimes of the AFU in the ATO zone for 2016 and the report of the ATO Chief of Staff on the state of forces and means for the summer of 2017.

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