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Tucker Carlson gives Breakdown of ‘Directed Evolution’ investigation by Project Veritas

Source: Fox News by Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: ‘How powerful exactly are the big pharmaceutical companies in this country? Consider the news -that did not break today! The pro-transparency news organization Project Veritas, just released an undercover video of a Pfizer executive, bragging on camera -about how his company conducts a kind of Frankenstein science, manipulating covet viruses for profit, imperiling potentially the entire world. Doing it in secret, possibly in violation of federal law.

Bragging about this and you would think every reporter in this country would be itching to follow up on it. Calling Pfizer, telling the public about it. But no -that’s not happening in the 24 hours -since project Veritas posted this footage. It has been viewed more than 12 million times on Twitter. No other media outlet has covered the story at all. MSNBC and CNN which perhaps not coincidentally take huge amounts of advertising dollars from Pfizer, those two channels have devoted a total of zero seconds to the story

We’ll just go online and find out about it -well Google the biggest search engine in the world which has a monopoly unsearch in this country. Appears to have gone out of its way to make it much more difficult for users to learn anything about the Pfizer executive pictured in the footage and so there is in other words on television and in most places online a near total media blackout of this story.

How powerful is Big Pharma? That powerful!…