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Ukraine-Russia War ‘Beyond the Propaganda’ w/ Douglas Macgregor

Source: Judge Napolitano talk w/ Col. Douglas Macgregor

Douglas: We have Precision, unfortunately for us -so do the Russians, so do the Chinese. This Monopoly that we had for years on Precision Munitions is gone now.

What the Russians are demonstrating -is that they understand that you need both. You want Precision Munitions, Precision missiles, Precision Rockets, you want huge quantities of them if you’re going to win. So Cavoli is trying to be on both sides of the equation, he said well -Precision can beat Mass. Yes, under certain circumstances, but if your opponent has precision and mass, probably not -and that’s the case with Russia right now.

Judge: You and I also talked about some of the behavior of Ukrainian agents and recruiting officials. I don’t know if they’re military or not, lowering the conscription age to 16. Now everywhere in the world, a 16 year old boy -is a boy! Not a man, not a fully developed man and too young for the military, but I guess not too young for Ukraine. You and I shared a video, I don’t know how old this kid was 14 or 15, was literally kidnapped right in front of his mother’s eyes and shoved into a military truck. They were just walking down the street, what is this going to do for the morale of the people in Ukraine, is it common or is it isolated and has the conscription age in Ukraine, this is almost child abuse been lowered to 16?

Douglas: My impression is yes -it has, and there are multiple sources confirming that this is the case and there’s lots of evidence being posted by Ukrainians all the time about the true situation. There are pictures of Ukrainian soldiers that are obviously, you know 15-16 years of age. So, there’s no doubt that this is going on.

I think this is part of the larger picture, the Russians went into this economy of force and they maximized the effectiveness of their connectivity between space-based and terrestrial-based ISR desert surveillance reconnaissance assets above and gun systems rocket systems missile systems. They’ve inflicted terrible casualties -a whole year groups of Ukrainian men are dead and are gone to be annihilated and at the same time you have this much smaller population for which to draw on.

As I talked about previously -there aren’t 37 million people in Ukraine anymore. The areas that Zelensky controls are perhaps 18-22 million, which is roughly the size of the population of the Netherlands, that population is mostly male. I’m told because lots of old men women and children have left the country, but still the men that are there are not all able, some of them are an advanced age and lots of them are children and so they’re in desperation turning to this.

This regime is at the end, it really is. But it’s not going to give up, it’s going to fight to The Bitter End -and it’s going to sacrifice whatever it can to stay in power.

Judge: But when will Joe Biden and Tony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and Jake Sullivan -the people that presumably are making these decisions. Recognize what you just said -that the regime is at the end.

Douglas: I think that for all intents and purposes that that message was delivered weeks ago from the Department of Defense to the White House, and it was rejected period.