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Argentina plotted potential US-backed Military Invasion of Venezuela in 2019

Source: Multipolarista by Benjamin Norton

Now while the US government and Western corporate media outlets, are spreading fake news of Russia, supposedly being minutes away from invading Ukraine. While they’re publishing stories saying that on February 16th, at 1 am or 3 am, or we don’t know when Russia’s going to invade Ukraine.

All those fake stories aside. We actually have actual evidence, real evidence of a US ally plotting an invasion to overthrow the government of Venezuela. We now know, that the previous right-wing regime in Argentina, led by the corrupt notoriously corrupt president Mauricio Marci. A multi-millionaire oligarch, that his government back in 2019 -made plans to invade Venezuela to violently overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, who was democratically elected.

So I have a story up at talking about this story, and of course the story is not getting coverage in mainstream corporate media, certainly not in English and very little in Spanish. The article is titled; ‘Argentina plotted potential US backed military invasion of Venezuela in 2019.’

Now, how do we know this. We know this, because there is an Argentine journalist named Horacio Verbitsky and Orazio Verbitsky, is the editor of a media outlet in Argentina -an independent outlet called El Coete a la Luna. Which means ‘the rocket going to the moon’. He got access to internal military sources in Argentina, and they sent him materials showing plans -that the Argentine military made in 2019, with the support of the US government to invade Venezuela, to try to overthrow the elected government the leftist Chavista government.

This is a map from these documents, showing three different scenarios, three different routes for the military of Argentina to invade Venezuela. Including by crossing the Colombian border, which shows -that they also had the support of the Colombian government, in addition to the US government.

So let me go back a little bit here. This military exercise was called the Puma exercise. It was overseen, as I said by Argentina’s former conservative president Mauricio Macri. A corrupt multi-millionaire and he was closely coordinating with the Donald Trump administration of course.

Now Macri the Argentine government, they were part of the Trump administration’s coup attempt against the elected government of Venezuela. Don’t forget that in January 2019, the US government declared that little-known opposition politician Juan Guaidó, was the so-called interim president of Venezuela, and the Trump administration -got a bunch of right-wing regimes in Latin America, to go along with recognizing Guaidó as the unelected fake president of Venezuela.

Now one of those governments was the right-wing regime of Macri in Argentina, so he strongly supported Juan Guaidó, and the coup attempted Venezuela. Until what happened in late 2019, in October, there was an election, and he was defeated and a center-left president, not a great president, but a center-left president named Alberto Fernandez, won in a clear victory. Then in December, he came into office, and he reverted the support for the coup attempt in Venezuela, although Argentina hasn’t been a friend of Venezuela since then.

There you can criticize the posture they’ve taken. Which is not supporting Venezuela against US imperialism, but it’s also -not openly supporting the coup attempt as Macri had did before, and that we now know -that not only did Macri support Juan Guaidó, he also made plans for an invasion of Venezuela, in the so-called puma exercise. Now this was not just a plan. These were exercises, that were carried out by the Argentine military, between April and July of 2019 and there were seven different sessions to carry out these military exercises.

Here is another photo of the internal documents that this Argentine journalist received, showing the battalion, showing the troop formation, that Argentina would send in to invade Venezuela, -including armored vehicles, including soldiers. So, this was a serious operation, that involved seven different sessions of military exercises by the Argentine military, with the support of the US government.

Now what was the excuse they were planning on using, to try to justify invading Venezuela? Well as always with these US backed invasions, so-called humanitarian intervention. They were going to claim that because the Venezuelan government blocked so-called “humanitarian aid”. The US government was trying to violently force across the Colombian border, that Argentina and Colombia and the US all had to militarily intervene in Venezuela. In order to provide humanitarian support, to stop -the so-called humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. So, if you remember in February of 2019, the peak of the coup attempt with Juan Guaidó, when the US was trying to force across this so-called humanitarian aid, across this border -between this bridge, between Colombia and Venezuela,  that was -when they were making plans to eventually intervene and militarily invade.

So, this map shows the scenarios for an invasion, including ‘again’ crossing Cúcuta, which is on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, which shows how the Colombian narco regime, it was also involved in this operation and then what happened on April 30th, Guaido’s US backed Coup Gang, they launched another violent coup attempt. It failed, but a few dozen soldiers rose up against the Venezuelan government, they completely failed on overthrowing the real president Maduro.

But they did manage to free, the far-right Venezuelan oligarch Leopoldo Lopez. Who was under house arrest and then he fled to the embassies of Chile and Spain in Caracas, the capital Venezuela -and eventually he moved to Madrid, where this far-right coup platter in Venezuelan, terrorist Leopoldo Lopez is now living in Madrid, with the support of the Spanish government, and by the way Leopoldo Lopez helped to organize a failed May 2020 invasion of Venezuela, which was called operation Gideon.

Now I did a separate video about the attempted invasion in May 2020. This is an article I published at “CIA backed failed 2020 invasion of Venezuela – Top Coup plotter Said” So you can go find my other video here at Multipolarista, in which I talk about the evidence of the former coup plotters and allies of Juan Guaidó. Admitting that the CIA and other US government agencies and Colombian government agencies, were involved in supporting the botched invasion of Venezuela in May 2020.

But we’re also talking about a separate invasion plot, that was made by the Argentine military back in 2019 in April, with the support of the US government, so in on April 30th when Guaidó was trying to do a violent coup attempt and only a few dozen Venezuelan soldiers rose up. We saw these tweets from the right-wing president of Argentina Mauricio Macri, who said quote “WE SUPPORT MORE THAN EVER DEMOCRACY IN VENEZUELA” and he wrote that in quote, all caps and then he said “We join the struggle of the Venezuelan people to retake their freedom” and he referred to the real elected president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, as a so-called dictator. So, we see an example here of the Argentine President making a very clear sign, sending a message -that Argentina would support the violent coup attempt in Venezuela, that of course failed.

So, the Argentine journalist who exposed this puma exercise by the Argentine military. He pointed out, that the former FBI deputy director under Trump, Andrew McCabe -revealed that of course -Trump wanted Venezuela’s oil and according to the former FBI deputy director, Trump said quote “I don’t understand why we’re not looking at Venezuela? That’s the country we should be going to war with, they have all that oil and they’re right on our back door” and of course the US government tried multiple assassination attempts, against the elected president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, including trying to kill him with a drone attack.

So, we have more and more evidence of the US government and its right-wing allies in Latin America, plotting an invasion of Venezuela and of course attempting a botched invasion in May 2020, with the support of the US government. So, when you see all of these fake news stories in the media, claiming that Russia is mere minutes away supposedly from invading Ukraine and of course that invasion never comes.

Meanwhile let’s not forget. That the US government supported a failed invasion of Venezuela, a real and actual failed invasion, and the US and its Right-Wing Regime, puppet regimes in Latin America, made plans for, of first -other potential invasions of Venezuela. It’s yet another example of the US Empire -projecting its own crimes unto its official enemies.