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Judge Napolitano & Col. Douglas MacGregor on Ammunition, Tanks & the Russian Offensive

Source: Judge Napolitano talk w/ Douglas MacGregor

Judge: Soon the Ukraines will have nothing -because NATO will have nothing with which to supply them. If you make ten dollars a day and you spend fifteen dollars a day, sooner or later you have no cash.

Douglas: Yes… the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition, there’s no question about it and they’ll have to fall back and regroup. If they don’t -they’ll simply be annihilated and that might not even work either. We’ll talk about that later, but the bottom line is -Yes the situation is dire and the more desperate things become, the more ridiculous in some cases -the claims are made by the Ukrainians and the West.

Judge: Do you have an opinion as to why General Stoltenberg would have said that and if he would have said that without running it past his Masters in Washington first?

Douglas: No… I’m sure that they asked him to say it. Everybody knows it, it’s an Open Secret -we’re in the same boat as our European allies. But I don’t think anybody in Washington wanted to make that admission. So they simply said, Secretary Stoltenberg please you know, emphasize this point again -it’s a statement of desperation, please please please send whatever you have, we’re running out – that’s not a good thing.

Judge: General Milley who was standing right next to Secretary Austin, when he made the comments. Says Russia has lost, take a listen;

NATO and it’s Coalition has never been stronger and Russia is now a global pariah and the world remains inspired by Ukrainian bravery and resilience. In short Russia has lost, they’ve lost strategically, operationally and tactically and they are paying an enormous price on the battlefield.

General Milley

Judge: Your comments colonel

Douglas: Well I think he’s gotten down Jake Sullivan’s talking points very well. Unfortunately none of them, you know equate to reality. Russia is hardly a pariah, if it were a pariah -its economy would be in Ruins and its economy is going gangbusters. Because everybody in the world is ready to do business with Russia, except us and some of our European allies and even there are lots of cracks in that system.

Otherwise I think -whatever they tell you about the Russians, you should just turn around and apply it to the Ukrainians. They talk about No Morale, No Leadership, Poorly trained -all this sort of business doesn’t apply to the Russians, right now it applies to Ukrainians. It’s very sad, it’s a tragedy and as you say -we’ve all seen this coming, but no one is willing to stand up, admit to it and and ask for talks to the Russians, sadly.

Judge: Do you see some sort of a a shift going on here. I mean these comments by General Milley were so forceful. There were literally 180 degrees from what he said six months ago, before they slapped him on the wrist. I mean what does he gain by saying this? I can’t imagine that any serious professionals like you or even the people, the other generals and Colonels that work for him. Would take seriously -what he just said and yet he said it – before an international audience and it was broadcast all over the world.

Douglas: Well let’s be frank Judge – This entire Administration has lost a great deal of credibility in a whole range of areas over the last several months. Anything they say has to be viewed with great skepticism. General Milley has made it very clear, that he is aligned with the left. He is part of this Administration. He’s going to say, whatever they want him to say. End of discussion.